Website Design/Development Briefing Questionnaire
Personal Information

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Company Information

Company Name

How many staff do you have?

Website URL

Who are your major competitors?

Marketing Position & Direction

Project Budget

Please outline what your project expectations are, if any.
What is you timeframe for delivery?

Do you have a hard deadline to be live by?
Why do you need a new website?

Company Background

Insert any relevant background information of company. Describe what your company does. How long have you been in business, how many employees? Etc.
Company Goals

List any Company Goals (Next 12 months) eg. Increase Sales, Find skilled staff, open in a new location, etc.
Online Goals

List any Online Goals (Next 12 months) eg. Increase Sales, Build a database, get rankied in Search Engiones, be easy to manage etc
Target Market / Desired Target Market Demographics

Please describe the target audience here (main market sectors).
Product / Service Information

Insert any relevant product/service information here – why it’s different from anything else on the market. What is unique or exclusive about your products? Why do people choose your products above your competitions? Etc
Customer Views (Image)

Please explain the views of your customers for example, Reliable, Friendly, Traditional, Fast turnaround, Responsive, Experienced, Quality or Quantity etc

Suggest any keywords that you want to be found in Search Engines for.
Single Proposition / Key Message

Please insert the key message/proposition for the communication here (short as possible please).
Competitor Research

Please list your immediate and broader competition including company names, website addresses or reference material that you think might be relevant. What are they doing? What can you do better?
Current marketing material

Please list the current marketing material and campaigns that you are actively pursuing at the moment that we will need to make allowances for.
Other notes

Is there anything else you can think of that may help us build your website?
Website design

What do you like about websites?

What do you dislike about websites?

Please include URLs of websites you like and mention the reason.

What Image/Style would you prefer for your website?

Are there any other words you would like to use to describe the required look?

What colours would you want for your website?

If web safe or exact colours are required please provide PMS or CMYK values.

brand book / corp identity guidelines are available.
Do you have a company logo?

Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your website?

Corporate Style Guide

Is there an official corporate style guide the designer needs to follow? This would normally include logo usage rules, fonts and pms or hex colours

Please email the brand material to
Do you have the rights/license to use the fonts that are currently used in the corporate identity?

Have you purchased the licenses for the web fonts as well?

Website Type

What features would you like on your website?

Will you be able to provide a sitemap?


Is your company a multi-brand company?

Is a UX-Strategy currently deployed on any of your brand digital touchpoints?

Please describe or list if any
Will you be able to provide current website traffic reports?

Traffic reports and statistics can provide useful information to help develop the sitemap and a unique UX / UX-Strategy.
How do you measure your website success?

Where is your website currently hosted?

Please mention the ISP name and let us know if you will need your new website hosted elsewhere.
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